Chris, Sounds great! Delivery is good. Even though I wrote most of them and knew what I would be hearing, the funny ones still crack me up hearing someone else say them. That's good stuff and will help us usher in the new age of the Fox.  YOU'RE THE MAN!  Thanks for the stellar work!

Doc Robinson, Program Director, WHFX-FM

To Whom It May Concern:      I would most highly recommend Chris Dunn for a radio or television voice. He is quick to respond and keenly intuitive. His voice is clear, authoritative and has a strong, friendly presence. Finally, his long-time experience cannot easily be duplicated. I was greatly pleased with his work on my television show, "Standup Fishing with Bill Roecker" on the Outdoor Channel during the second half of our 26-show run in 2004, when Chris did the open, the close, and many of the advertisements on the programs.

Bill Roecker, host of “Standup Fishing with Bill Roecker”


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